Gated Community Mangement

Our Full-Service Management plan includes managing the day-today operations of the homeowners association.  GRG will oversee the Financial, Administrative, Covenant Compliance and Contractor Services.

Full Service Management (Includes Financial Only Services & Covenant Enforcement and Administration Services) 

Maintenance & Vendor Services

  • Vendor Management
  • Work Order Request & Follow Up
  • Facility/Amenities Maintenance Reviews
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Management  Services & Assistance

  • Annual Meeting Coordination & Attendance
  • Committee Assistance
  • Manager Consultation
  • Covenant Enforcement & Administration Services
  • All Financial Only Services Listed Above
  • Developer Transition Assistance

Customer Service View

  • Field calls and inquiries from Association members
  • Provide timely response to resident concerns and questions
  • Dispatch appropriate service vendors, when required
  • Follow up on calls to residents with status updates
  • Issue letters to resolve infractions of covenants
  • Provide periodic reports to Boards as requested
  • Provide support of a community web site as requested
  • Perform property inspections to ensure compliance with documents and from vendors
  • Issue work orders and monitor contractor performance to ensure that work has been completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Association
  • Communicate with residents to understand their issues and find appropriate solutions

Administrative Services

  • Respond to calls and inquires from Association members
  • Track Association correspondence
  • Maintain government required documentation
  • Review the reserves and provide guidance
  • Create New Resident Records
  • Issue Collection Letters
  • Maintain a Resident Database


  • Organize annual and special meetings on behalf of the Association and the Board, including the preparation of notices, agendas and other necessary documents
  • Maintain a comprehensive system of records, books and accounts
  • Enter into contracts for essential services to the property, such as, Pool Maintenance and landscaping, etc
  • Work with association professionals as needed (legal counsel, CPA, Consulting Engineer – Insurance Agent)
  • Review the assignations insurance policy, negotiate and procure, premium payments and claims
  • Keep all records of the affairs of the association, including the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Resolutions, Rules and Regulations, policies, minutes of meetings, copies of contracts, etc

Financial Services

  • Maintain Association financial records
  • Maintain checking, savings and other banking accounts in the name of the Association
  • Collect Association fees
  • Issue statements to residents & issue past due collection letters
  • Process invoices from vendors
  • Ensure bank reconciliation


  • Prepare materials necessary for an annual audit
  • Handle daily bank deposits
  • Pay all bills related to the operation of the association in a timely manner
  • Furnish comprehensive monthly financial reports to the Board
  • Assist Boards in the preparation of Annual Operating Budget and Reserve Expense Budgets
  • Ensure proper billing of residents and builder/developer lot assessments as it applies
  • Reduce delinquencies through a disciplined process using each community’s collection policy
  • Coordinate with the association attorney to facilitate legal collections of delinquent accounts, liens recording, and court appearances, when necessary

Vendor Relations

  • Prepare bid specifications to be sent to multiple vendors when various services are needed (Insurance, Maintenance, Professional services, etc)
  • Analysis proposals for Board review (prices versus services provided)
  • Review of all contracts before presentation to the Board
  • Provide ongoing continuous review of contractor’s performance
  • Address any Resident/Board, concerns with vendors
  • Are the Contractor Liaison, who manages the bid process and analysis, service negotiations, project monitoring, and inspections
  • Also, on behalf of the Association, negotiate contracts for pool maintenance, landscaping, trash removal and other services as necessary

Management Services

  • Conduct property walk throughs and inspections
  • Attend regularly scheduled board and annual meetings
  • Coordinate Association Annual Meetings
  • Initiate letters and manage the formal complaint administration process
  • Provide guidance to the Board in the development of community policies and procedures
  • Administer the community covenant and rules enforcement


  • Guide and assist members of the Board of the Association in the performance of their obligations
  • Offer highly qualified managers who are knowledgeable and trained in Community Association operations and law through continuing education programs
  • Build working relationships with product and service vendors who provide the best quality for the most reasonable and competitive prices
  • Offer comprehensive bid and vendor contract packages designed to ensure the best value for the Association